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2024 Institutional Self Evaluation 

Mt. SAC is conducting a self-evaluation and preparing an Institutional Self-Evaluation (ISER) report in preparation for a comprehensive accreditation review in Fall 2024 by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).  As part of this process, Mt. SAC faculty, classified, confidential, managers, and students are participating on Weaving (writing) Teams to collect evidence and document the College’s achievements towards meeting ACCJC Standards.   The Mt. SAC ISER will be finalized in Spring 2023 and will be published online at that time. Our College Accreditation theme, "Weaving Our Story," is framing the work as we engage in preparations for the accreditation review.

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Weaving our Story: Slogan Winner Aida Cuenza-Uvas

Accreditation Core Team

  • Kelly Fowler – Vice President of Instruction; Accreditation Liaison Officer
  • Barbara Mezaki – Professor of American Language; Faculty Accreditation Coordinator
  • Allie Frickert – Professor of History; Faculty Assistant Accreditation Coordinator
  • Lianne Greenlee – Assistant Dean of Accreditation
  • Michelle Sampat – Associate Dean of Arts
  • Patty Quiñones – Director of Research and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Laura Martinez – Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Instruction
  • Sangvan Thaysangkram – Special Assistant and Support

Accreditation Steering Committee

Title Employee Year
Accreditation Liaison Officer/ Vice President, Instruction (Co-Chair) Kelly Fowler Ongoing
Faculty Accreditation Coordinator (Co-Chair) (appointed by Academic Senate) Barbara Mezaki Ongoing
Faculty Accreditation Assistant Co-Coordinator (appointed by Academic Senate) Allie Frickert Ongoing
Director, Research and Institutional Effectiveness Patty Quinones Ongoing
Director, Professional Organizational Development Lianne Greenlee Ongoing
Associate Vice President, School of Continuing Education or Designee Liza Becker Ongoing
Associate Vice President, Instruction Meghan Chen Ongoing
Management from Student Services Audrey Yamagata-Noji 2019-2022
Management from Administrative Services Michael Carr 2018-2021
Management from Human Resources Sokha Song 2019-2021
Academic Senate President or Designee Chisa Uyeki 2021-2024
Faculty Association President or Designee Elizabeta Meyer 2019-2022
Classified Senate President or Designee Diana Dzib 2021-2024
CSEA 262 President or Designee Robert Stubbe 2019-2022
CSEA 651 President or Designee Kimberly Butler 2021-2024
Students (Appointed by the Associated Students) Matthew Sosa/Amber Nuno 2021-2022
Outcomes Coordinator Kim-Leiloni Nguyen Ongoing
Faculty Noncredit Member (Appointed by Academic Senate) L.E. Foisia 2020-2023
Faculty Member (Appointed by Academic Senate) Michelle Shear 2020-2024

Weaving Team Participants

Standard Classified Staff (25) Faculty (26) Managers (33) Students (17)
I.A. Mission
  • Robert Stubbe, Information Technology
  • Roger Willis, Academic Senator
  • Madelyn Arballo, School of Continuing Education
  • Patty Quiñones, Research & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Carlos Romero (21-22)

I.B. Assuring Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness

  • Annel Medina Tagarao, Research & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Cathy Stute, Research & Institutional Effectiveness ·
  • Pedro Suarez, Information Technology
  • Loni Nyguen, Biology
  • Bruce Nixon, Mental Health
  • Landry Chaplot, School of Continuing Education
  • Eloise Reyes, Counseling/ACCESS
  • Chris Jackson, Kinesiology
  • Jennifer Hinostroza, Horticulture
  • Eric Lara, Student Success and Equity
  • Rosa Royce, Fiscal Services
  • Patty Quiñones, Research & Institutional Effectiveness
  • John Vitullo, Natural Sciences
  • Amber Nuno (21-22)
  • Matthew Sosa (21-22)

I.C. Institutional Integrity

  • Marcell Gilmore, Research & Institutional Effectiveness
  • John Lewallen, Marketing
  • Sara Mestas, Counseling
  • Loni Nguyen, Biology
  • Michelle Shear, Dance
  • Beta Meyer, Biology
  • Nicole Blean, Writing Center
  • Meghan Chen, Instruction
  • Karelyn Hoover, Humanities
  • Tammy Knott-Silva, Kinesiology
  • Sylvia Ruano, Instruction
  • Eric Claudino, AS Senate (21-22)
  • Courtney Larrabee, AS Senate (21-22)

II.A. Instructional Programs

  • Lesley Cheng, School of Continuing Education
  • Irene Pinedo, Instruction
  • Kelly Coreas, Respiratory Tech
  • Carol Impara, Consumer Science and Design Tech
  • Loni Nguyen, Biology
  • Meghan Chen, Instruction
  • Sylvia Ruano, Instruction
  • Michelle Sampat, Arts
  • Chloe Kim, Student Equity and AS Justice (21-22)
  • Gavin Ong, AS VP and Activities Senator (21-22)

II.B. Library and Learning Support Services

  • Crystal Mejia, Library/Learning Resources
  • Krystal Yeo, School of Continuing Education
  • Monika Chavez, Library/Learning Resources
  • Dianne Rowley, Learning Assistance
  • Pauline Swartz, Library/Learning Resources
  • Kristina Alvarado, Learning Assistance
  • Nicole Blean, Writing Center
  • John Cardenas, Tutorial Services
  • Katie Datko, Distance Learning/Instructional Tech
  • Romelia Salinas, Library/Learning Resources
  • Carlos Santana, Academic Support
  • Susan Ramuco-Elicerio, Textbooks and Instructional Materials Committee (21-22)
  • Carlos Romero, Basic Needs Committee (21-22)

II.C. Student Support Services

  • Maridelle Acero, Student Services
  • Alex Brambila, EOPS
  • Lisa Didonato, Research & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Jason Hayward, Counseling
  • Sara Mestas, Counseling
  • LaTesha Hagler, CalWORKs
  • Tom Mauch, Student Services
  • Tami Pearson, School of Continuing Education
  • Audrey Yamagata-Noji, Student Services
  • Arturo Nava (21-22)

III.A. Human Resources

  • Elda Blount, Professional Development
  • Crystal Granados, Human Resources
  • Cara Tan, Psychology
  • Ryan Wilson, Human Resources

III.B. Physical Resources

  • Jason DeArmond, Custodial Services
  • George Gutierrez, Cusodial Services
  • Cathy Hayward, Design and Construction
  • Robert Montoya, Grounds
  • Felipe Ramos, Grounds
  • Caitlin Rodriguez, Design and Construction
  • Anthony Stanisci, Custodial Services
  • Gabriel Tinoco, Carpenter
  • Tania Anders, Geology and Oceanography
  • Gary Nellesen, Facilities Planning
  • Ken Bohan, Maintenance and Operations
  • Eera Babtiwale, Sustainability
  • Duetta Wasson, Risk Management
  • Nafiseh Kaeni, Design and Construction
  • Rebecca Contreras, Facilities Advisory Committee (21-22)
  • Janet Ceja (21-22)

III.C. Technology Resources

  • Kate Morales, Information Technology
  • Joe Vasquez, Information Technology
  • Krupa Patel, Information Technology
  • Jaishri Meta, Computer Information Systems
  • Jean Metter, Consumer Science and Design Tech
  • Rich Patterson, Computer Information Systems
  • Anthony Moore, Information Technology
  • Chris Schroeder, Information and Data Security
  • Mark Lowentrout, Arts
  • Michael Carr, Academic Technology
  • Monica Cantu-Chan, IT Project Implementation
  • John Uy, Information Technology Advisory Committee (21-22)

III.D. Financial Resources

  • Brandon Gillett, Business Division
  • Phil Wolf, Physics/Engineering
  • Emily Woolery, Library/Learning Resources
  • Morris Rodrigue, Administrative Services
  • Rosa Royce, Fiscal Services
  • Anqi Zhao (21-22)
  • An Ha, AS (21-22)

IV.A. Decision-Making Roles and Processes

  • Gloria Munguia, Student Services
  • Chisa Uyeki, Library/Learning Resources
  • Rosa Royce, Fiscal Service
  • Valerie Menna (21-22)

IV.B. Chief Executive Officer

  • Yvette Garcia, Event Services
  • Brigitte Hebert, Presidents Office
  • Emily Woolery, Library/Learning Resources
  • Madelyn Arballo, School of Continuing Education
  • An Ha, AS (21-22)(22-23)

IV.C. Governing Board

  • Liz Callahan, Instruction
  • Tamra Horton, English
  • Koji Uesugi, Student Service
  • Juan Mendoza, Student Trustee (21-22)



  • ISER Timeline Drafted
  • Initial drafts edited
  • Review of process effectiveness
  • Progress update to President
  • Update to campus community at FLEX Day & CPD-Day
  • Gap Analysis conducted and distributed
  • Weaving Teams and Review Teams read ISER draft and give feedback
  • Weaving Teams submit final evidence
  • QFE drafted
  • Board Special Accreditation Study Session
  • ISER final draft created
  • Update to campus community at FLEX Day
  • ISER Draft to campus community for feedback
  • ISER Input through forums, focus groups, and survey
  • Final ISER Draft Completed by 3/15
  • Final draft submitted to Academic Senate, CSEA 262, CSEA 651, President, and PAC by 4/1
  • Board certifies ISER by June 2023
  • ISER released to campus community and sent to ACCJC Commission by 8/1
  • Update to campus community at FLEX Day & CPD Day
  • Formative Review: Peer Review Team reviews ISER and responds with Core Inquiries
  • Public Forum
  • ASC provides clarification on Core Inquiries to Peer Review Team
  • Progress update to President and PAC
  • Summative Review: Resubmission of changes/revisions and additional information
  • Update to campus community and Visit Preparation at FLEX Day
  • ACCJC Focused Site Visit March 2024
  • Process evaluation and Lessons Learned
  • ACCJC Commission Decision