Support Services


Adult Basic Education (ABE) Counseling

Assists students with educational planning, course selection, certificate completion, and the matriculation process to credit courses.

Building 30, ABE Office
(909) 274-4845

Career Counseling

Provides students with resources to define personal and academic goals, explore and identify career options, practice interviewing techniques, and develop study skills.

Building 38B, Room 2
(909) 274-4845

ESL Counseling

The ESL counseling team helps students in defining their goals, exploring careers of interest, answering questions about residency and academic transcripts, and creating a long-term educational plan.

Building 66, ESL Office
(909) 274-5232


STV Counseling

The STV counselors are available to assist students with career exploration and to answer questions regarding different professions. Students who wish to attend college or university can meet with a counselor to discuss options and prepare for transition. Counselors can help identify barriers to success and refer to appropriate support services and/or community resources.

Building 40, Room 101
(909) 274-4220