Counseling Classes 

Coun 1 – Introduction to College
1 Unit Credit CSU

Helps students take charge of their college experience.  Students receive important information about Mt. SAC's support services, academic policies and regulations, study skills/test-taking techniques, and requirements for educational planning.  Intended to assist students in the development of an individual educational plan.  

Coun 2 – College Success Strategies
3 Units Credit CSU

Prepares students for a successful college experience.  College survival skills including self-understanding, interpersonal relationships, motivation, self-discipline, time management, financial planning for college, use of campus resources, and educational and career planning are major components of this course.  

Coun 5 – Career/Life Planning
3 Units Credit CSU

Designed for students who are ready to learn a systematic approach to self-exploration and career life planning which includes:  Identification of values, interests, skills, and self-management style.  Development of decision-making and goal-setting skills and identification of barriers to success.  Students will become more knowledgeable of options and trends in the world of work and job search techniques.  

Coun 7 – Introduction to the Transfer Process
2 Units Credit CSU

Introduction and orientation to the transfer process to a four-year institution. Includes an in-depth exploration of transfer requirements, admission procedures and requirements for majors. Also explores academic and support services, financial aid and other transitional issues to enable students to make informed choices on majors and four year institutions and in academic planning. Field trips are required.    

Coun 20 – Peer Counseling Training
2 Units Credits CSU 

Designed for group experiences with interpersonal communication and discussion of approaches to peer counseling and advising.  Provides opportunities for students to develop skills with a variety of communication styles that include open expression, active listening, and feedback. Upon completion of this course, opportunities may be available for students to become employed as peer counselors.  Students who repeat this course will improve skills through further instruction and practice.  

Coun 51 – Career Planning
1 Unit Credit

Comprehensive, systematic process that provides for self-evaluation, enabling the student to make decisions as to a career, major, and an educational plan, preferably in a non-traditional field and learn job seeking skills for employment.   Coun 54 –Single Parent Academy 3 Units Develop personal, educational, and career/life planning skills for single parents.  

Coun 99A – Special Projects in Counseling
1 to 2 Units Credit CSU

In order to offer selected students recognition for their academic interests and ability and the opportunity to explore their disciplines to greater depth, the various departments from time to time offer Special Projects courses. Students must have instructor authorization before enrolling in this course. Students repeating this course will make individual contracts of a more advanced nature with the instructor to ensure that proficiencies are enhanced.   


For current information about these classes, consult the College Catalog