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What is the CVC?

The California Virtual Campus (CVC) (formerly the Online Education Initiative - OEI) is a collaborative effort among California Community Colleges (CCCs) to ensure that more students can complete their educational goals by increasing both access to and success in high-quality online courses.  CVC is a digital resource that provides easy access for students to enroll in fully online courses across all 115 brick-and-mortar California Community Colleges (please note, this tool excludes the CCC system’s fully online college, Calbright).  It includes a comprehensive catalog of online programs and courses to help students achieve their educational goals.

What is the CVC Exchange?

The CVC Exchange Instant-Enrollment is a system by which students at participating colleges can take fully online courses at another college without completing multiple admissions applications.

  • A student must be enrolled in a Home College to participate. Mt. SAC is a Home College!
  • Courses at a Teaching College are available for cross-enrollment. Mt. SAC launches as a Teaching College in January 2022!

Learn More about the CVC Exchange

Home College - College from which students enter the CVC Exchange to take courses through other colleges.

Teaching College - College that offers courses via the CVC Exchange to students from other participating colleges.

CVC Exchange - Faculty FAQs

    • How can I participate in the CVC Exchange?

      As a professor at Mt. SAC, your fully online course will automatically be made available through the Exchange for cross-enrollment (enrollment between two colleges).

      Your course can be asynchronous or synchronous as long as it is fully online.  It cannot be partially online (hybrid).

    • As a faculty member, are there any benefits to participating in the CVC Exchange?

      There is the potential for higher enrollment into your courses, meaning fewer chances that courses are cancelled.  Students should also be able to earn certificates and degrees faster.

      Mt. SAC’s unique scheduling (Winter intersession/later Spring start than many colleges) may enable us to pick up students who need to start classes outside the usual enrollment dates.

    • How do Exchange students enroll in my class?

      Upon signing into, students identify their Home College and search for classes sorted by category (CSU, IGETC, or topic). Available courses are displayed to them in the following order:

        1. Available Home College courses first
          • Any Home College courses that are Quality Reviewed/Aligned to the CVC Rubric appear at the top of this list.
        2. Available Teaching College courses second
          • Any Teaching College courses that are Quality Reviewed/Aligned to the CVC Rubric appear at the top of this list.
        3. Any other available courses offered through other CCCs participating in the Course Finder.

      The student selects the desired course for enrollment.

        1. Classes marked Add Class are eligible for instant enrollment.
        2. Classes marked Apply Now are not eligible for instant enrollment, but students may still enroll by filling out an application via CCC Apply.
        3. Whether a course is eligible for instant enrollment depends on whether the student is enrolled in a Home College and is registering for a course in a Teaching College.
    • How will being in the Exchange impact how I teach my fully online courses?

      In general, you should not need to change how you teach your fully online course. Exchange students will have access to the same information and online resources within your course as Mt. SAC students. You will submit your grades at the end of the term into the Mt. SAC portal as usual. 

      You should recognize that students will not have access to on-campus resources, such as the ASAC Computer Lab or Laptop Loaner programs.  However, this is no different from other semesters when students could sign up remotely for classes. And students will still have access to resources from their Home College since they will be enrolled in Home College courses.

      Will I need to maintain a different Canvas course for exchange students?

      No. Any classes students take via the CVC Exchange will all appear in a combined Canvas dashboard. Students will log into Canvas using their Home College credentials and all of their Exchange courses will be there.

      When completed, your course will automatically show up on the student transcript.  Mt. SAC earns the FTEs, but the course can be counted towards a certificate or degree that the student earns through their Home College.

    • Will Exchange students be identified in my class?

      They are.  All students will receive a email, but you can communicate with them more easily through Canvas Inbox.

    • Could an Exchange student prevent a Mt. SAC student from enrolling in a class?

      Unlikely.  Updated AP 5055 identifies the CVC Exchange students as Category 8 priority.  Other Mt. SAC students enroll before Category 8 (except Category 9 - continuing and returning students not in good academic standing).  Instant enrollment is only available during the Teaching College’s open registration period.  If your course fills, however, late add Mt. SAC students may have restricted access.

    • Can students get a degree through the CVC Exchange without being affiliated with a Home college?

      No.  Students must identify a Home college before they can use Instant Enrollment.  Each semester, they must be enrolled in at least one course in their Home College, and cannot enroll in more than two courses through other Teaching colleges.

    • By Mt. SAC participating in the Exchange, will Mt. SAC instructors lose students to other colleges?

      Any student has been eligible to enroll and attend online classes anywhere up to this point via  As a Home College, Mt. SAC students have had the opportunity to use the Exchange since its inception.  Mt. SAC will be the 17th Teaching College so we have the advantage in picking up enrollments.

    • I have a student from the CVC Exchange who requires special accommodations. Where do I direct them?

      Students may have received accommodations through their Home College, but these do not transfer to the Teaching College.  Students will need to request accommodations through the Teaching College, that is, Mt. SAC’s ACCESS department.  Students are informed of this when they enroll. See below for more information about ACCESS at Mt. SAC.

      Mt. SAC ACCESS

CVC Course Design Rubric - Faculty FAQs

The CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric (CDR) establishes standards and best practices relating to course design, interaction and collaboration, assessment, learner support, and accessibility in order to ensure the provision of a high-quality learning environment that promotes student success and conforms to existing regulations.  A faculty’s course that has been aligned with the Course Design Rubric is designated “Quality Reviewed."

    • Is it necessary for me to align my course with the CDR in order to show in the CVC Exchange Instant-Enrollment?

      It is no longer necessary to align your course in order to offer it in the Exchange.  However, your aligned course will appear at the top of the listings as “Quality Reviewed."

    • What is the benefit to aligning my course to the Course Design Rubric?

      The CDR helps students. Faculty report greater confidence in their online teaching and better student surveys in their course. 

      Until June 2022, faculty who align their courses to the CDR will have the opportunity to earn a grant-funded stipend.  This grant also includes an accessibility specialist who can help with accessibility issues.

    • How long does it take to align my course to the CDR?

      The time it takes to align a course depends on its initial state, i.e., is it following accessibility guidelines thoroughly?  Is its navigation intuitive and student-centered?  Does it offer detailed instructions and grading guidelines?  In general, expect to spend a few months on taking care of all the details.

    • How does the alignment process work?

      Mt. SAC has a local Peer Online Course Review team (POCR), who have all completed a 40-hour training. If you decide to align your course:

        1. Contact the POCR Lead, Carol Impara ( to indicate your interest.
        2. You will be assigned a lead reviewer/mentor, supplied with a Sandbox for you to work on your course, and enrolled in POCR resources to help you.
          1. At this time, the CDR is only for fully online, asynchronous courses.
          2. Alignment is never done on a live course.
        3. Your lead reviewer will work with you to bring your course up to rubric standards. It will then be sent to peer review for a second set of eyes.  Finally, it will go through a thorough accessibility check.
          1. Be prepared to make changes! This does not mean your course was bad, it just means we have suggestions to make it better!
          2. Be flexible and proactive.
        4. After Mt. SAC's POCR team evaluates the course, it is sent to CVC for a final review.
        5. The CVC indicates if the course is aligned and assigns the Quality Review badge.
        6. Congratulations! You're done!
    • Who can I contact to learn more?

      Contact Mt. SAC’s Distance Learning Faculty Coordinator, Carol Impara at

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