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Finish Faster with the CVC Exchange

Ready to transfer or graduate but the last course you need isn't available or is full? Explore 100s of available online courses offered at multiple California Community Colleges. Enrolling is quick and easy.

What is the CVC Exchange?

The CVC Exchange is an innovative, student-centered tool that allows students currently enrolled in a California Community College to instantly enroll in online courses offered at eligible colleges without filling out a separate application. You can enroll in transfer courses not currently available at your Home College to complete your general education requirements, in addition to taking courses required for transferring to a four-year university.

Learn More about the CVC Exchange

Home College - College from which students enter the CVC Exchange to take courses through other colleges.

Teaching College - College that offers courses via the CVC Exchange to students from other participating colleges.

Commonly Asked Questions

    • What are the eligibility requirements?

      Only students enrolled in at least one credit course at participating colleges are eligible to cross
      enroll. Students must also meet the following requirements:

      • Have at least a 2.0 GPA or not yet established GPA at the Home College
      • Have no outstanding fees at the Home College
      • No out of state address on file at the Home College
    • Do I qualify for financial aid?

      All participating Teaching Colleges have signed a Federal Financial Aid agreement. As such CVC
      Exchange students simultaneously enrolled at both Home and Teaching College may be able to
      receive federal and state financial aid funds based on combined units taken at both colleges.
      Eligibility will be determined by the student’s Home College.

    • Do my DSPS accommodations transfer from my Home College to the Teaching College?

      A student's Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) status or accommodations
      determination will not automatically transfer to the Teaching College. Students using
      the Exchange will have to apply separately at both colleges to receive DSPS services and
      classroom accommodations. See below for more information about DSPS at Mt. SAC

      Mt. SAC ACCESS

    • Where can I go for help using Canvas?

      The Mountie Student Hub in Canvas has lots of resources for Mt. SAC students, including information to help you familiarize yourself with Canvas at Mt. SAC.

      Mountie Student Hub

    • Can I get a refund if I drop the course?

      Refunds are subject to the policies and procedures of the college offering the course (Teaching College). The Teaching College is also responsible for processing individual refunds. College-specific refund information can be found using the links below. If you dropped a class through the Exchange platform, please select the refund policy page below for the Teaching College where you dropped the class for more information on how to obtain a refund for your dropped class.

      Mt. SAC Cashier's Office - Refunds

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