Technical RequirementsTechnical Requirements for Online Learning

 The following technical requirements are designed to help you prepare for a positive Online Learning. Canvas is the Learning Management Systems (LMS) used by Mt. San Antonio College. They are used by both traditional courses, and distance learning courses. 

  • Hardware Requirements

    You will need a desktop or a notebook computer to get the most out of the learning management systems. While smartphones and tablets are technically compatible with using either of the LMS programs, they are not compatible with all functions, and thus aren't fully supported.

    You may use your smartphone or tablet to view your classroom and access information, but tools such as forums, or submitting assignments may not be available via mobile devices.

    Operating System:

    • Microsoft Windows XP or newer (Windows 7 recommended)
    • Mac OSX 10.5 or newer
    • Google Chrome OS (used in Chromebooks)

    Processor: 1.5Ghz or faster

    Memory: 1Gb of RAM or more

    Storage: 20Gb HDD or more

    Soundcard and Speakers: Recommended

    Microphone: Optional but recommended. Your professor might encourage the use of a microphone for classroom collaboration

    Printer: Graphics-capable (inkjet or laser printer)

  • Software Requirements

    Software: Microsoft Office suite or access to Google Docs

    Internet Browser: (be sure to always have the most updated version)

    Browser Plug-ins: The following plug-ins may be required by your professor in order to access online course materials.

    • Adobe PDF Reader - for viewing Portable Document Files (PDF)
    • Quicktime Player - for viewing movies
    • Flash Player - for viewing animations and online videos

    *Please note that we recommend disabling your pop-up blocker, or white-listing (Canvas) so that it doesn't negatively affect your experience. The learning management system can display pop-ups related to private messages or other tools based on your notifications settings. The learning management system will never display pop-up advertisements.


lightbulbInstructor-specific Requirements:

Your instructor may alter or add to these technical requirements. Please read your course syllabus carefully!

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