Mt. SAC Budget Committee


The Budget Committee is the primary governance body for developing, recommending, and evaluating policies and procedures for institutional planning as it relates to its integration of the budget process in all aspects of College finances. 


The Function of the Budget Committee is:

  1. Evaluate and recommend changes to policies and procedures relating to overall resource allocation.
  2. Develop, evaluate,  and recommend related policies and procedures for budget development and review the current budget process for effectiveness.
  3. Evaluate and recommend changes related policies and procedures for allocating discretionary revenue.
  4. Evaluate the College budget models using an ongoing and systematic cycle of evaluation, integrated planning, resource allocation, implementation, and re-evaluation.
  5. Reports to President's Advisory Council on the evaluation of the College budget policies and procedures and informs the campus about budget-related matters.
  6. Monitor college-wide compliance with ACCJC Standard III.D, "Financial Resources."