COMPUTER AND WIRELESS ACCEPTABLE USE AGREEMENT - Use of the Library Technology denotes your acceptance.

The Library is an educational resource that will help support your learning experience at Mt. San Antonio College. To enjoy the use of the Library, you are required to read, accept and abide by all the Library Policies and Procedures.


  • Use of Library computers number 1 through 42 is limited to LIBRARY RESEARCH ONLY. Library research includes use of the library catalog, the online databases and the Internet for research purposes. Microsoft Office is installed on all machines to assist in the student homework fulfillment.
  • Use of Library computers number 43 through 50 may be used for E-MAIL or LIBRARY RESEARCH. There is a 15 minute time limit on these computers. (Note: there are additional computers designated for e-mail downstairs in the Learning Lab.)


  • Absolutely NO inappropriate materials are allowed to be downloaded and/or viewed on any computers in the Library. Inappropriate materials include, but are not limited to, adult movies and pornography.


  • The Library reserves the right to view your computer screen and may do so periodically to monitor activities.


  • Food, beverages and/or tobacco products are not permitted in the Library. Students are responsible for any damage to equipment resulting from misuse or accident. Students are prohibited from any attempts to repair equipment in the Library. The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in the Library.
  • The Library will close at the posted time. Be sure to plan accordingly.


  • Notify the Library personnel if you are experiencing any problems with the equipment.
  • If you require assistance please see the reference librarian at the Information Desk.

NOTICE: Failure to comply with the listed policies and procedures could result in your expulsion from the Library.

Thank you, your cooperation is appreciated.

Mt. SAC Library strives to make our online resources accessible to everyone. We specifically consider design features that make our web pages accessible to individuals with disabilities, including those using assistive technology for computer access. If you find a library page or database inaccessible to you, please contact Hong Guo at (909) 274-6490 or Mt. SAC Accessibility Resource Centers for Students (ACCESS) at (909) 274-4290. Last Modified: 9/6/19