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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Certificate: Business: Human Resource Management - Level II - L0534
Course Name Course Number Objectives
Business Communications BUSO 25 (VOC)
  • I am able to compose an appropriate, effective letter presenting good news, bad news, sales, or persuasive content
  • I am able to use informative and sales letters to convey information and influence people favorably
  • I am able to develop and deliver a 3-5 minute presentation on a business related topic
Business Organization and Management BUSM 61 (VOC)
  • I am able to apply management concepts and functions
  • I am able to perform the strategic planning process and utilize decision making models
  • I am able to identify organizing principles and identify different organizational designs
General Cultural Anthropology ANTH 22
  • Students will be able to examine the field of anthropology and its history as a holistic discipline.
  • Students will be able to explain ethnographic field work and cultural relativism.
  • Students will be able to identify and analyze ethnocentric attitudes and beliefs in themselves and as expressed by others.
  • Students will be able to illustrate the evolution of culture through the development of civilization.
  • Students will be able to distinguish human language as a unique form of communication.
  • Students will be able to explain and analyze the potential influence of culture on personality development, and on the structure of marriage and the motivation for particular marriage rules.
  • Students will be able to analyze and describe differences between kinship and nonkinship systems of organization in various societies, as well as the various patterns of political organizations.
  • Students will be able to contrast and compare the various subsistence patterns required in various environments including methods of exchange and differences in consumption practices.
  • Students will be able to contrast and compare the universal functions of religion and art in various cultures.
  • Students will be able to evaluate and describe the influence of American culture on various ethnic groups.
  • Students will be able to identify and predict the current and future problems facing humanity.
Human Relations in Business BUSM 60 (VOC)
  • I am able to define organizational culture, socialization and mentoring
  • I am able to analyze social perception
  • I am able to review motivational theories related to organizational behavior
Human resources Management BUSM 62 (VOC)
  • I am able to explain theory and practical application of Equal Employment Opportunity current employment laws
  • I am able to write a job description and job specification
  • I am able to develop interviewing skills
Principles of Business BUSM 20 (VOC)
  • I am able to list and explain the foundations upon which business is built and the economic challenges facing the United States
  • I am able to explain the global dimensions affecting businesses today and in the future
  • I am able to describe and explain social responsibility and business ethics