Wellness Center

Fitness Testing

The Wellness Center offers a variety of performance fitness tests at very affordable prices. Appointments are scheduled Monday-Friday. Call the Exercise Science/Wellness Center for an appointment at (909) 274-4625.

All tests include a computer printout and interpretation of results.

Test Type Pricing
VO2 Max Test
Maximal oxygen uptake test (treadmill or bike)
Hydrostatic Weighing
Gold standard underwater measurement of body
composition. Includes 3-site skin fold measurement.
3-Site Skin Fold Measurement
Measurement of subcutaneous fat using the Jackson-Pollock equation
VO2 Max & Hydrostatic Weighing
Maximal oxygen uptake & underwater body composition measurement, includes 3-site skin fold.
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
Measurement of calories burned at rest.
VO2 Max, Hydrostatic Weighing, & RMR
Maximal oxygen uptake, underwater body composition measurement, & measurement of calories burned at rest.
Baseline Fitness Assessment
Measurement of all the components of fitness. Testing includes resting vitals, height & weight, 3-site skin fold measurement, pulmonary function, hand grip strength, 3-minute aerobic step test, upper & lower body strength test, 1-minute sit-up test, & flexibility.